Volunteering Course

Volunteering Course

Recently chances4change has supported the WEA to provide an accredited volunteer training course.

The volunteering course allowed beneficiaries to gain an understanding of what volunteering is and what is required if they wish to undertake volunteering work. They also had the opportunity to volunteer with organisations based within the community such as Sure Start.

The course was a challenging yet new experience for many student but most managed to complete the 10 week programme and have recently submitted their completed portfolios. The ones that didn’t complete the programme used the course as a spring board to join other courses and gain employment.  The volunteering course was an opportunity for these individuals to learn new skills, improve their employability and increase their social interaction.

Overall, the course was a great success and provided learning opportunities for both the beneficiaries and providers. There will be another volunteering course in the next academic year, so if you are interested in attending this free course, please contact us through our contact us page.

At the end of the training, students were asked to complete a training review form which allowed them to anonymously share their experience with us. Below is some of their feedback.

  1. Did the training meet your expectations? Why?

“Before coming I didn’t know what to expect at all. But during the trainings I gained a lot and I am different person now. I gained a lot of confidence to do different things and go forward, met new people, have got new life experience”

“Yes the training did meet my expectations because I got to know some things I did not know at first also it gave me a chance to have a go at volunteering.”

“Yes because I learnt new and interesting things”

“Yes because I was able to write down my interests and skills and have a vision on my long term goal”

“The training did meet my expectations because I got to know more about volunteering what is involved while volunteering.”

  1. What did you most enjoy and why?

“When the volunteer has started – the voluntary job I have found and went to. I enjoyed to work on study course: it made me to think about my skills and qualities, which I have never identified before”.

“Getting to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and group works”

“I enjoyed volunteering at the sessions and work with the children.”

“I meet a friend and very good teacher”

  1. What skills have you developed?

“Confidence, organisational skills, more socialising, researching.”

“I developed = I feel more confidence in this topic now and I can go and look for voluntary work.”

“I have developed a better communication skill and can approach people more”

“I have developed new skills from volunteering I know how to distract my son when he’s having a tantrum and some office based skills”

  1. How will you use the skills and training in the future?

“They will go with me to my future job, which I’ll get soon after finishing my studies.”

“I will looking for more voluntary work”

“By knowing what I am good at I can make productive use of that skill and by knowing what I am bad at I could work on learning to improve that skill”

“I have developed a better communication skill and can approach people more.”

  1. How do you think the training was beneficial for you?

“My emotional, physical, social life”

“Because I have an Asylum Seeker Case as a Dependant I know that I can volunteer and do something helpful for other people.”

“Because of this training, I believe I have taken the effort to write down my aspirations for the future so I could take steps in moving toward it.”

“The training was beneficial to me because it gave me knowledge where to go and what to ask for and also what to expect.”

  1. Would you recommend the training to anybody else?

“Yes I would it was a very good experience”

“I would like to recommend it to people who don’t know what volunteering is as it will help them in the future.”

  1. Do you feel you received enough guidance and support whilst on the training?

“Yes, I do. I have got more than expected.”

“Yes I did I was comfortable with the whole thing.”

“Yes I think our tutor was great she helped us a lot and made us understand”

“Yes I received very good supporting in the course.”

  1. What are your aspirations for the future?

“Continue volunteering in the sectors I have skills and get paid job with those sectors.”

“I would like to carry on volunteering and gain more skills.”

“I would like to work with children the same as voluntary job I had, maybe at school or with Sure Start again.”

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