Learn to Grow - Taking Root

Since we started our allotment project with Richard Pitt, Aldermoor Community farm, we have had a steady flow of fantastic volunteers who have really enjoyed and worked really hard to prepare the soil removing turf, digging 4×4 sq foot gardens, applying manure, pruning and finally planting crops.

digging- c4c southampton allotment manure- c4c southampton allotment

It has been hard work and we are very proud of everyone that has remained committed to the cause. Excitingly the rewards have started to show as some of the seeds we planted all those weeks ago have germinated and started to grow, the garlics, onions and peas are doing particularly well as are the fruit trees. We have also got wild rockets starting to make an appearance on the allotment, the chives are well established and so are the now trained, blackberries. Already we have harvested two of the radishes we planted back in March.

onions-c4c southampton allotment  radishes - c4c southampton allotment

apple tree- c4c southampton allotment  garlic-c4c southampton allotment

Being on the allotment is proving to be really educational with some really interesting discoveries being made almost every week from slow worms to the discovery and subsequent rescuing of discarded or wild plants like bluebells, marigolds (flowers) and strawberries. The allotment is also proving to be beneficial for the mental health of the attendees as it provides a break from the office or in some cases a break from a very complicated life.

Allotment-helpers c4c southampton Volunteers- c4c-southampton- allotment