Health Event at Medina Mosque

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success.

The Health Event – The blessing of good health – was organised to help raise awareness within the BME community in Newtown and St.Mary’s area of particular health issues that affect this community e.g. Diabetes, High blood pressure and high Cholesterol.

The event comprised of a sermon on the importance of good health in faith, free NHS health checks and information on free and low cost health and fitness activities in the area.

Over 50 health checks were completed at the event and we were able to make good contact with a number of service providers. The event also served to bring together people from different cultures and religions as it was the first visit to a mosque for many attendees.

Medina Health Event

The event enabled us to start conversations about organ donations and physical fitness. The blood donation service is now keen to bring their mobile van to the community and there was clear interest from the community in how and what the Health Trainers had to offer. The Medina mosque has also offered a room as space for community exercise.

In light of this we are very excited about what the future has in store in terms of partnerships and take up of services within the community.

Here is a summary of some of the key Stats from the health checks preformed.

  • 16% of people had elevated blood pressure
  • 63.9% of people had raised cholesterol
  • 40% required a HbA1c because they had BMI >= 27.5 or high blood pressure.
  • 76% were overweight or obese (30% and 46% respectively)
  • 40% were inactive and 26% were moderately inactive
  • 28% (14 people) people were referred to see their GP
  • 44% asked for a referral to a Health Trainer