Gardening Project

Gardening Project

We would like to introduce you to the Allotment in Millbrook. This is what it looked like 3 weeks ago.


Chances4Change would like to use the allotment as green gym providing opportunities for community members to gain gardening skills and combat social isolation. Working in partnership with the Lost Butterflies Found, we will be running a gardening course every Sunday at the Ropewalk garden which will allow you to learn more about growing your own plants and understand how the environment works. The gardening course is practical and will allow you to gain the basic gardening skills you will need to grow your own plants this year and in many years to come.

We need lots of volunteers to help with our green spaces. Please take the opportunity to learn more about gardening and give back to your community.

To find out more about this or any other activity that we run, please contact by via email at

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