Gardening Course

Our gardening course was really successful, there was lots of learning and doing going on. We were really lucky (weather wise) – it was fairly dry and we were able to sit in the garden as we learnt.

In week one we learnt about different types of soil. What is good soil and how to keep soil healthy and nutritious for our plants.

In week two we learnt about different types of plants – discussing their differences and what time of year is best for planting certain types of plants

In week three (this week) we learnt about different types of tools and how to grow roses. We also dug in the garden and had the chance plant roses together. Here are some pictures… Enjoy :)


C4C gardening course-2

Learning about garden tools- what tools can be used for what purposes. Learnt valuable lessons on how to prevent injury and maximise productivity.

C4C gardening course-6

C4C gardening course-5

C4C gardening course-4

C4C gardening course-3